You're coming by car

You must check your vehicle via the button above due to the low-emission zone. This application will start on January 1, 2020. Please note that the hotel does not intervene for this.

Did you book a parking space or do you wish to drop off your luggage in the hotel?

Hotel Harmony is situated in a car free zone (pedestrian area) so we advice to put 'Dok Noord' as your last destination in your GPS. From this destination you can use our illustrated map:

- Insert 'Dok Noord' as your final destination.

- Upon arrival at the traffic lights, switch off your GPS and follow our map.

- At these traffic lights turn into the 'Sint-Salvatorstraat' and follow the tramrails. Keep following the rails through the 'Sleepstraat' and the 'lange Steenstraat'.

-Turn Left on 'Geldmunt' (still following the tramrails).

- Once you've passed the castle 'Gravensteen' you don't need to follow the tramrails any more. Take a left into the 'Kraanlei' and park your car in front of the hotel.

For having entered the car free zone you need a digital permit. This permit is not a physical evidence, but is acknowledged on the basis of your license plate. We arrange this permit when you check in at the front desk upon arrival. It’s not possible to do this in advance, this registration works retroactively.

We wish you a pleasant journey to Hotel Harmony.