Free cancellation or rebooking

  • Rebook or cancel your reservation until 48h before arrival date (free of charge)
  • For cancellations mail directly to :
  • Cancellations made with one of our booking partners needs to be cancelled or rebooked with them


What do we do at our hotel to ensure the safety of our guests

  • We follow government guidelines and recommendations
  • Improved techniques for cleaning and hygiene
  • Regular disinfections of exposed surfaces as door handles, card terminals and lift buttons with antibacterial fluids.
  • We offer our guests disinfectant dispensers in public areas.
  • Compliance with procedures for dealing with colleagues who are ill.


Measures in our public area’s  

  • Our receptionist are working behind a plex screen and they wear just like our entire team gloves and a masks.
  • Our bar and breakfast area will temporary closed until 8th June. The hotel offers room service.
  • Our fitness area and swimming pool are on request. They will be disinfected afterwards. 
  • Keep 1,5m distance
  • We prefer payments by card or mobil




Can hotels be open ?
Yes, according to government guidelines hotels can be open.

Is visiting a hotel safe?
Hotel Harmony has furnished everything in accordance of the guidelines and has made every effort to minimize risks.

Is it possible to order dishes and drinks from the menu in my hotel room?
Breakfast, lunch and diner are only allowed in the room. Our staff is happy to bring you drinks and food to the room without an additional cost.

Which facilities are open in the hotel?
For the moment you can use our parking, fitness area and heated swimming pool.

Are there other options besides room service for diner?

Yes, a lot of restaurants nearby open for take-away or delivery