Hotel Harmony Gent - hotel -Four star hotel in the historical centre of Ghent
  • Take exit Gent-Centrum. 
  • Follow this street. At the end (after 500m) turn right at "Zuidstationstraat". (direction yellow "Parkeerroute via Sint-Anna") 
  • On the roundabout , "Sint Anna plein", follow direction yellow "Parkeerroute via Sint-Baafs"
  • On the roundabout take the fourth street on your right side "Keizer Karelstraat". Direction yellow "Parkeerroute via Sint-Baafs".
  • Straight ahead, you will drive through "Sint-Jacobsnieuwstraat" and the "Vlasmarkt". Direction yellow "Parkeerroute via Sint-Jacobs".
  • On the roundabout "Bij Sint-Jacobs" 'a church), follow direction yellow "Parkeerroute via Gravensteen".
  • Now you're in the "Ottogracht", you will pass "Kromme Wal" and "SLuizeken".
  • At the roundabout turn left to "Grauwstraat" (direction yellow "Parkeerroute via Gravensteen") trough the "Lange Steenstraat" and pass the Castle of Counts.
  • Then follow on your left the green "Parkeerroute via Sint-Jacobs".
  • Here starts the Kraanlei”.




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